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A Microcosm of Asia

Three major Asian Civilizations of Malay (Indonesia), China and India have come together in Malaysia and co-existed side by side and the three major races of Malay, Chinese and Indians have lived and intermingled with one another in harmony for years  creating a culturally and ethnically unique ‘Truly Asia’ country!  

The lasting impact of colonial history, the confluence of the Eastern and Western cultures, the blending of traditional and modern values, the colourful customs and folklore of ethnic minorities have enriched and deepened the cultural heritage and modern foundations of a young and fast growing Malaysia.

The harmony and diversity of the multi-cultural heritage of Malaysia is also reflected in the observance of religious faiths and festivals of major races at the national level in Malaysia. Islam’s End-of-Ramadan or New Year, Prophet Muhammad Birthday, Haj Pilgrimage, Chinese Lunar New Year, Buddhist Wesak Day, Christian’s Good Friday and Christmas as well as the Hindu’s Deepavali and Thaipusam are all declared national public holidays in Malaysia.

From an international perspective, Malaysia is an outstanding exemplar of mutual respect and tolerance and unity in diversity for the richness and complexities of her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural societies. 


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