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Healthcare in Malaysia has undergone rapid improvements since independence. Malaysia now boasts of a nation-wide network of public and private hospitals, clinics and a mix of healthcare centers in rural areas.

Malaysian hospitals are equipped with the latest high-tech medical devices and instruments and well-trained medical personnel and internationally recognized medical experts. 

Malaysia has over 76,200 qualified doctors nationwide or 1 doctor for every 429 persons. The Ministry of Health has set the target of reaching doctor-patient ratio of 1:400 by 2020. 

While Malaysia’s medical and healthcare services have achieved high international standards, healthcare costs in Malaysia have remained inexpensive and, in fact, very competitive internationally.

Malaysia’s insurance industry offers a wide range of medical insurance schemes and options to locals and foreigners to cover all medical eventualities. Insurance premium or costs are reasonable and competitive. 

Medical tourism is growing fast in Malaysia as more and more foreign visitors come to understand the moderately-priced and high quality medical services in Malaysia in addition to the many tourist attractions the country can offer.


Hospital Fatimah Ipoh  怡保法蒂玛医院

General Hospital @ Ipoh │怡保中央医院

KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital│怡保专科医院

Pantai Hospital │怡保班台医院

KMC Medical Centre│怡保近打医药中心
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